Health Plans

Dignity Health Medical Network contracts with most health plans to provide you with convenient access to our extensive physician network.

What health plans does my physician accept?

If you are switching health plans due to an employment change, a move, or because you will be eligible for Medicare, there are a variety of enrollment options available to you. Choosing a health plan can be confusing, but we want you to know that whatever health plan you determine is best for you and your family, a DHMN physician will be there to provide personalized and quality care.

Prior to making your first appointment, or if your coverage changes, check with the provider’s office directly to confirm that they accept your health plan.

Medicare Advantage HMO
Accepted by all PMG providers
  • AARP Medicare Complete Secure Horizons HMO
  • UnitedHealthcare Group Medicare Advantage HMO – (Retirees only, employer sponsored)
  • Health Net Seniority Plus Medicare Advantage HMO – (Retirees only, employer sponsored)
  • Retiree/Group Plans: Blue Shield and Secure Horizons (employer-sponsored retirees only)

Note: Not all PMG physicians accept original Medicare. Please contact the provider directly before booking an appointment or treatment.