How to Choose a DHMN Plan

Becoming a part of DHMN is easy.

Whether you have an HMO or a PPO, there are several ways to become a member of DHMN. If you have any questions about DHMN, insurance coverage, or access to a DHMN physician, please call our Patient Care Coordinators at (831) 465-7800. They are ready to provide you with exceptional service.

Individual and Employer-sponsored Insurance

No matter what health plan option you choose, you can select a DHMN primary care, internal medicine, or pediatrician as your Primary Care Physician during your employer’s open enrollment period.  You can also change your Primary Care Physician at any time during the year by calling our Patient Care Coordinators at 831.465.7800.

Medicare Advantage HMO coverage

Medicare eligible individuals can select a DHMN Primary Care Physician during Medicare’s Annual Election Periods, October  15 to December 7.  When you are enrolling just look up the Primary Care Physician you want and fill in their name and the ID number the health plan provides.